Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TOHO HISTORY IN HIBIYA CHANTER! Chiyoda Pays Tribute to Toho's Best!

The Godzilla statue in Hibiya Chanter. Photo by Brett Homenick. 

Today I went to Ginza, and among the things I did, I paid another visit to Hibiya Chanter, which is overflowing with Toho history. Most of us know about the Godzilla statue which was erected in 1995, but what is not as well known are the various hand prints of celebrities that decorate the square, almost like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While there are many familiar Toho stars who are recognized among the hand prints, I will highlight the stars that have been regularly spotlighted on this blog.

Izumi Yukimura's hand print in Hibiya Chanter.

Yosuke Natsuki's hand print in Hibiya Chanter. 

Akira Takarada's hand print in Hibiya Chanter. 

Yuriko Hoshi's hand print in Hibiya Chanter. 

Godzilla stands tall above Hibiya Chanter.

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