Wednesday, April 29, 2015

THE MAESTRO'S HOUSE! Stopping by the Former Home of Composer Akira Ifukube!

The front entrance of the former home of the late composer Akira Ifukube. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Thanks to a tip from the webmaster of Akira, I was able to pay a visit to the home of Maestro Ifukube and take some photos. Naturally, I wasn't actually able to enter the home, but just to view an important piece of musical history from the outside was quite impressive.

As it turns out, the house still stands in a neighborhood that's not too far from where I live. Currently, plans are under way to sell the house and tear it down, so it may not exist for much longer.

If and when that happens, a big piece of musical history will go with it, but at least the house has been documented in photos, especially on Akira Stay tuned to the official English-language Ifukube site for any further updates.

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