Saturday, August 16, 2014

WANNA TAKE A RIDE? Seeing Tokyo from the Cosmo Clock 21!

The Cosmo Clock 21 in Yokohama is a sight familiar to Godzilla fans. Since it is prominently featured in Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992), it is a landmark in Japan that sometimes attracts the attention of various G-fans. The other day, I decided to head to Yokohama and ride the impressive Ferris wheel for the first time.

A word of caution: While the Cosmo Clock 21 is a very slow-moving Ferris wheel, it goes really high. If you're afraid of heights, you probably wouldn't want to ride it. That said, it gives you a great bird's-eye view of Tokyo and Yokohama, so if you have no problems with heights, by all means give it a whirl!

Anyhow, on with the photos!

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