Sunday, November 4, 2012

THE VAMPIRE DOLL STRIKES AGAIN! Actress Yukiko Kobayashi Celebrates Godzilla's Birthday in Ginza!

Your humble blogmeister meets actress Yukiko Kobayashi in Ginza, Tokyo.

November 3 marks Godzilla's birthday, and this year the Cine Pathos Theater in Ginza celebrated The Big G's big day in style. An all-day film festival was held, which I was very happy to attend. More on that event in the coming days, but I wanted to make special mention of a very special guest.

Yukiko Kobayashi shares her memories of Destroy All Monsters with a packed crowd at the Cine Pathos Theater.

None other than Yukiko Kobayashi was a surprise guest. Even though Destroy All Monsters (in which she played Kyoko Manabe) was screened much earlier in the day, Kobayashi-san made her appearance following the screening of Godzilla: Final Wars. Her appearance was a complete surprise to me; in fact, she was a surprise guest! I've wanted to meet her since coming to Japan, and I finally got my opportunity!

Ms. Kobayashi and SFX director Koichi Kawakita discuss Godzilla on the Kaiju King's birthday.

As any good tokusatsu fan knows, Kobayashi-san also appears in Yog Monster from Space (as Saki) and The Vampire Doll (as the titular character). She also notably guest-stars in episode 9 of Ultra Seven.

Ms. Kobayashi proved to be a wonderful and generous individual. She graciously agreed to pose for a photo with me once my friend Yasushi asked her (even though she didn't pose with anyone else). Suffice it to say, I came away very impressed, and I hope to meet her again very soon!


  1. That's great you had the chance to meet Yukiko Kobayashi Brett! What a terrific surprise! I hope you get the opportunity to interview her someday soon. I've always wanted to know more about her.

    Also, were you able to interview Kumi Mizuno when you met her back in May? If so, has that interview been published yet?

    Thank you so much for your time and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi, Mike. Yes, I was able to interview Mizuno-san when I met her. It hasn't been published yet, but it should be out by spring 2013.

    I'm hoping to interview Ms. Kobayashi. We'll see how it goes!

  3. It's "Android Lady 01" !
    Indeed she was the "Secret Guest" ! ! :D
    Last I heard of her back in 2010 at Haruo Nakajima Autobiography Launch Party...

    Glad you had to meet her Face-to-Face... :)

  4. I'm looking forward to reading the Mizuno-san interview!

    Thanks for the information!