Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yoshimitsu Banno's Gamera 3-D: It's on!

Brett and Advanced Audiovisual Productions' head Yoshimitsu Banno at G-FEST XII in July 2005.

Eagle-eyed G-fan Evan Brehany scooped the world. Advanced Audiovisual Productions (Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster director Yoshimitsu Banno's production company) recently announced on its Web site that it is pursuing a Gamera IMAX 3-D movie. The announcement completely flew under the radar in the West until Evan spotted it and brought it to light.

While some people apparently thought it was a prank of some kind (on Mr. Banno's official Web site?????), the proposed film is 100% real.

Reached for a comment, Mr. Banno confirmed that the project is moving forward and that Kadokawa Pictures, Inc., is an investor in the film, to the tune of JPYen 200,000,000. Mr. Banno is currently looking for other investors to fully finance the picture.

The total production budget stands at JPYen 600,000,000, and the movie would run 40 minutes in length. It would be written, produced, and directed by Mr. Banno. New monsters would appear in the film, but for a full story synopsis (and breakdown of the monsters), please visit AAP's official site.

Any potential investors may contact me, and I would be happy to pass your request on to Mr. Banno.

UPDATE (10/30): Banno seeks investors.

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