Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy birthday, Kenji Sahara!

Kenji Sahara poses with Martin Arlt and Brett inside the Hancock Building during G-FEST 2009. Photo by totorom.

Thanks to this blog post at Monsterland Ohio, I was reminded that today, May 14, is Mr. Kenji Sahara's birthday! The famed Toho actor, who was born in 1932, turns 78 today. Mr. Sahara immensely enjoyed his stay in Chicago, which I can tell you first-hand, as totorom and I accompanied Mr. Sahara throughout his time in the Windy City.

Several months after G-FEST, Mr. Sahara contributed to G-FAN's 35th anniversary tribute to Terror of Mechagodzilla in issue #90.

Happy birthday, Mr. Sahara! I hope to see you in Chicago again very soon!

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